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Golden Heights-12
Golden Heights-12

What's Quite Fun to see? Why Kirbies of course. Follow The Slice of Life adventures of Kirba and others. Quirks and Oddness alike. Tons of tales to be told. Join the naive child of Kirby and multiple others in wacky adventures. Here's some short descriptions to get you along: Kirba the childish naive kid of Kirby. Kirdee is egotistical, and royalty descended to the Dedede throne. Yellow is a goof who past unexplored. Kredy is a kind Kirby who acts sarcastic. Keeby is a grump and owner of the arena Kitsy fears butterflies and cake hater with good seek skills. Sam is elite fighter in the arena but trollish. Violet local silent Kirby and mechanic whiz. The Puffball "secret" infobrooker team, With the ever busy kaaby, the blunt kim, the serious koppy and The lazy Percy. More Kirbs to come, more adventures to be had. It's a ton of tales worth the time. Updates Mon-Fri (Attemptable) (On slight hiatus :/)


August 3rd, 2017, 5:08 pm

Gnu comix change

Click link and click again for full size

Lil test I made a weekish ago, had an bigger speech but decided on this:

So recently I've been using the raspberry pi, an Linux based device to create comics using gimp aka gnu, I had an question if this looked better and more lively to ya compared to paint, please comment down below.
Using this will slow me however so daily thing difficultly and this includes even with connection will take longer but I like quality so eh.


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July 7th, 2017, 10:48 pm

Making description for fun:

What's quite fun, odd and interesting to see? Why Kirbies of course. Specifically that of this tale. Follow The Slice of Life adventures of Kirba, 7 other main cast and many, many, MANY MORE.
Join new dreamland and it's residents in humor, action, adventure, drama and silliness. Tons of friendship's, rivalerys, twists, reoccurring villains, character development, plots and whatever else this pup cooks up. These tales all surrounding this universes dreamland.
Using an unique sprite style that's different.

Want something to hook ya in maybe. here's some info:

Kirba the prime kid of kirby a childish naive optimistic goofball of emotions.
Kirdee is egotistical, annoyance and artificial? Also royalty descended to the Dedede throne??
Yelow is an amnesiac destructive goof and created during the magic mirror split kirby.
Kredy is a try hard meanie and sarcastic, who's actually a kind compassionate Kirby.
Keeby is a grump and owner of the arena, trying to repress certain duties and be an individual.
Kitsy is a keen observer, speaks his mind and assistant arena fighter who hates cake, has lepidopterophobia for unknown reasons. Sam (saxeni Maxwell) is the arena champion , an trollish gal with some humble concern and kind traits too, prefers parasols as an weapon. Violet is an mute, most of her dialog being thoughts. an smart mechanical whiz, house designer with her own way of doing things along with her self made bodyguards: roboducks. The PSI (Puffball 'Secret' info brokers) are an team created by metaknight.jr son of metaknight to watch kirba, the leader kaabi/kaaby decided to s gift focus to selling secret information with an team consisting of the overserious koppy, the blunt enforcer and squisher kim, the lazy artillery and cook Percy and 2 others.

Some honorable minor mentions are kibble the shy cameo from assassinperson thanks bud, ni nova starsky the knight, Murphy lawse the now second Murphy kirby next to warpstars, jeff-dee, and random Dee the first official character of ktd before the cast...yeah he was the first.

Plus 2 personal faves, Blu-dee and his partner "". ("" Is in Http:// card clash au ATM go check on him and the awesome nova ozuka comic if ya want to)

Tons more Tales to be told, follow anytime.

Updates Mon-Fri (Attemptable x2)

(On hiatuses sometimes)

This was my 2.0 for the description then I was way too long but I'm gonna update this to create more interesting what if description extensions...why? cause fun!


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