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Segment Synopsis's For Future

*All Segments To come at unknown time*
Date: After The PSI stuff, the metaknight thing and the escape.

The Shadow Arc

Description: Kirdee is in BIG trouble, he unleashed an monster.
Can the unlikely Kirba and few others stop this thing or is dreamland doomed.
Date: Undetermined

The evil mage and his not so bad helper

Introduction to Cameo Request by sister: Makaya Description: Most don't suspect much of him, an silly mage or so they think. he has an plan to capture what he supposes is Kirby, Keeby, Metaknight, King dedede and waddle dee using his partner, now its up to the other crew to find out and help the people captured. an evil bubble magic and trouble in explosive manners this segment will leave you with nothing but silly carnage. Ex.Desc: Makaya wants to help his friend out in his search for friends she enters (destroys, explodes and beats up alot XD) the places with useless hints and captured them for him unknownlingly knowing he's in villian. How silly can she be?
Date: very soonish....?

Tear in Reality Arc

Description: Shady has found his way in and chaos is in stew.
It's a battle of reality as Kirba must battle against anti-authority to save
Date: Undetermined.

Crossover Arc 1: (w/ KDE) Cross Dimensions Arc

Description: Violet Has Made an mistake.
She Created a machine in hopes to travel thro dimensions and then her friends disappeared
and now all these odd Kirby's are around.
Can she get them back or are they stuck forever? Time will tell.
Date: Undetermined, Later date.

Crossover Arc 2: (/w KDE) Thy Return Arc

Description: Violet should stop playing with machines.
Her machine is broken and some of her friends swapped by the ones from what she call the experience dimension.
Can she fix the machine before more problems occur or what
Date: Unknown/Future?

Time Collaps

Description: Unknownly Father of Kirba, THE Kirby has returned...or has he? Claiming to be Kirby something is going on and before Kirba can figure it out Something happens.
Date: Unknown/Future?

*To be Updated as time comes*

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