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March 8th, 2018, 8:58 am

New Stuff, Slow Updates but still happening, No promises.

So probably noticed the lack of updates, just so it's stated theirs two reasons for that:

1. Quality, even if it the simple stuff like these comics i put time into trying to do decent placement, movement effects, ridiculous text based "sound effects", text boxes and if they have a unique style that keep that to it style aka Sensei visual gag. I use photoshop element for effects, plus with my lack of motivation at the moment and fighting a depression.

2. School work, I'm in my 13th year in high school but this college level english and computer technology work is confusing and frustating (and exhausting) so BEAR with moi.

BUT with that comes some exciting-ish (though not a 100% promised) news [similar to the updating 283 comics thing] I'm working on a animated version of the comic (at least the first comic [Apples-1] itself, maybe more also as animated as i can do...) with my voice acting skills and background music. (Via using movie maker and audicity, that's the best i got available okay -.-;) if i finish it today i'll put a link in the next comic update.

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