Residents who will work together when trouble arises, whether on not they like each other

Meet The Hero of Dreamland, The Jolly little puffball...daughter.
This is Kirba the kid of Kirby and Mira, known for finding trouble.
She's an naive childish kirby with a good heart, often cheery
though known to commoningly have wild bursts of emotion swings.
With her many abilities (Intellect of all names, Worst singing voice in dreamland,
summoning her star and common abilities) she's become quite the news story.
Always one to help, though mind her driving... she pretty bad at it.

Heir to the DeDeDe throne, and the only kirby in all dreamland that dedede likes.
(Probably cause he was artificial made, I'll explain later on...)
Kirdee is very egotistical and tends to follow in his dads footsteps.
He's Prideful, arrogant, sarcastic, and tends to enjoy attention.
He thinks he will gain respect if kirba beats him up, begging for such.
When not trying to get beat by kirba, he does many as he calls them "princey things".
Such as taxing residents, beating unobident subjects, and polishing his
prized hammer.Self proclaimed prince of all dreamland, this kirby never gives up.

His backstory surrounded in mystery, this Kirby is a goofball and adorably odd.
Quite oblivious and has a tendency to annoy others for fun, many find him
destructive. though he shows traits of being a admirable fighter.
he tends to pick on kredy the most.

Kredy tends to try to come off as a grump, in a attempt to represent his colour.
In truth He's A Kind optimistic kirby and dreamland's resident medic, mostly seen
in the arena. Using a Variety of power essences, spices, and cake recipes;
He cooks up great recipes to heal anyone in need. Been around the arena
he grown to be friends with keeby, and dislike murphy cause reasons.

This Keeby is the Owner Of the Arena, known to be very organized and strategic.
Well past his early days as the inferior, He is very forgiving to all.
along with that he still is stingy, grumpy, sarcastic and easily annoyed
to the Nth Degree by problems. Straight practical minded Kirby, he keeps the arena functioning.
Well he may be the arena keeper, he's not restricted to the arena and will assist if need be.

Kitsy is a resident arena fighter and the only one willing to train and be
tagged with Sam. He tends to speak his opinion on anything.
He's a cake-hater and is also very terrified by butterflies and will run from
the mere sight of them. otherwise he's a fight who wont give up.
He's also quite observant due to being kicked here and their and
tends to notice the little changes and small things.

Saxeni Maxwell (Sam)
The Arena's Greatest Fighter, Sam is a cake-lover and skilled in combo of parasol
and crash. The most popular fighter she trolls with arena workers when bored,
acting childish and knows she can get away with it. you don't cross this one. EVER.

Violet is Straight to the point, she is the one who invented silent talk.
Her curiosity is known to get her into trouble, making her easily
annoyed. due to this she created robo-duck incase of trouble.
She is a skilled mechanic and also house builder, but tends to do her job her way.

Creatures not on a side but important.
Tendency to be a bit...ODD.


To be introduced Later

To be introduced Later

To be introduced Later


To be introduced Later

To be properly introduced Later

King DeDeDe
To be introduced Later

To be introduced Later

"Puffball Secret Info Gathers"
Dreamlands "Secret" organization, Kirbies who gather info and sell it.
Originally Created by Metaknight, he assigned them to watch kirba activity.

PSI's Leader and pupil to Metaknight. She was given a device to blend in and
assigned to watch kirba. She soon found another use for stealth and created
a team of spies. Kaaby is mostly on the field always getting info.
she can be quite aggressive and often leaves tactics behind.
Whilst deceptive and aggressive, she is a nice loyal puffball on the inside.
She also hates TACs for personal reasons, mostly them calling her tactics "Stupid".

PSI's 2nd in Command, This puffball is straight to the point literally.
Not vague, but good at withholding info. he tends to be obliviously blunt.
Also can never get names rights and often calls them nicknames around their
colour. Despite that this puffball is a good deceptionist and squishier.

The Base's Security, he takes things too seriously.
Whenever at base he's always on watch for intruders, known to alert the others.
He is always constructive, no matter what the task or oddity.
typically never usually spending a moment without complaining, workin or watching.
Perhaps he should take a chill pill.

The Laziest Kirby you'll meet this is Percy. Lax and questiontive he tends to annoy
the others with his onslaught of never ending talking. It can be excused thanks to
to his talents. He is the first Kirby to learn how to create power essences.
he became the weaponist of the team. When bored he does reckless things
Despite being lazy he is probably the strongest on the team.
A pretty decent cook too, just don't expect him to do what ya tell him...

To be introduced Later

To be introduced later

The Minors, Characters typically not so important, but will be around.

This dee is a medic dee/Parasol dee and is colored blue.
He hates the bandanna Dees.

" "
A silver colored bandanna Dee, often very quiet.

Common Bronto Bunts
Bronto bunts who are commonly seen.

He's random, often spooked by kirba and is known for his umbrella.

A oblivious mage who asked the stupid questions.
He's typically calm and collect and listens.

The Old Whispy who battled kirby in the old days
Uncle to kirba, he is over 1000 years old
and as long as anyone spit the seed out he lets them have the apples.

She's loyal and sneaky, so what if thats all she does for the prince,
she still likes doing it. Don't ask her to like yelow thou, she hates his guts.

A Young Flare with a innocent nature. this flare tends to forget its made of fire
and plays with yelow sometimes. well known for being neutral.

This dee appeared and had one destiny...to just be there.

The Cook Dees and jeff
Their job is to cook and that's what they do.
jeff is sam personal cook though he doesn't like it.

The Medic Dees
these dee's job wheither they like it or not is
health care. They were formed after years of chaos in dreamland.

The Leo Family
Flares Family, these leos all act odd
but commonly stick together.

Robobot enemies
After the Robobot incident select few remained.
a lot of them aggressive, tough and mechanized.

a ninja with split personality, he works for kirdee
he likes classical music and rhymes.

The Tac Gangs
TaC: Theifs who crave gold and very sly business.
taC: Merchants who mess with you, also have a anger issue.
CaT: Master of despection and info brooking, tease KDI Often.
caT: Silly, fun loving and all around nice ones.
Tim: You never know What they do...but they do it with style.
These are the tac gangs who seek to be what they are, thou don't mind them.

Of all the rocky's this one just defys it...seen as annoyance.

Poor, Poor Mace knight. Assistant to the prince.
he's quite a talker,not that his opinion would matter.


Coming sometime in the future...

Creatures Stuck living with my insanity, hehehe.

Shady "mirror" kirby
This Shady is one of the first shadow clones produced, escaping into the void.
Ahem, CC, let me take over...big fan of etam, I took over CC little comment box.
Sometimes. I own the quips of Kirby Dream Tales.
So if ya brave enough, send in your character to see me and my pals.

Froakie, this is what i call him off of where he came from,
why he is quiet right now...cant tell ya.

a law infestion in full effect, and intellectual...
he often ponders if other him ponders what he ponders. in all he is murphy law, BEWARE!