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Residents who will work together when trouble arises, whether on not they like each other

Meet The Hero of Dreamland's Last Puffball. The Jolly little puffball's prodigy daughter.
That is Kirba, she's one of many kids of Kirby and Mira. She's a Naive, Kind, & Optimistic.
Overall A Cheery Puffball who is a literal trouble magnet. Her Childish Habits can conflict
from the lack of normal reasoning, along with her random, quite intense emotion swings even
with these flaws she is overall just someone with a good heart who wants to help. She mostly
possess all the powers of Kirby in their simple weakest state as well as additional unexplored powers
from Mira. Nothing is more strange though than her more "Unique" things and abilities from her Dad,
A Uncanny Intellect of all names, The Worst singing voice in dreamland, summoning her star Quirby given
by her dad and an extension of herself, though steer clear when she's driving and prepare for crashes.
She's often in protection by a group of spies (PSI) and meta-knight's son whose there to train her in his
own way. Kirba is also friends with Kitsy, whose pessimistic attitude causes fights. Frienemies with
Kirdee who she dismisses often, also acquantices with Violet her landlord. OH! and she can feel evil.

Quirby: A Self-Thinking Silent star whose main purpose it to be driven by its crash proof.

He is the Prince, The Heir to the DDD throne and the only known Kirby in all dreamland,
That King Dedede likes. As the king's puffball son he was outcast and called as a insult
"Artificial" though mean this name may have some further information to it, time will tell.
Kirdee is a Narcissistic, Being Prideful, Arrogant, Prone to Sarcastic remarks and No Prompt Beating.
He looks up to and follow his dads footsteps. Due to lack of dad on a normal basis he tends
to crave attention and feel need for recognition. Lacking the know how to rule he created
his own way of ruling, including Perseverance that a beating from Kirba would gain him respect, asking for that.
He values his minions and cares for them, much to the point that he names them and only "punish" them when
they disobey. Other than that he waddles around his 50 kingdoms doing what he states as "Princey things" this
including taxing residents, beating said un-obedient subjects, polishing one his many prized hammers and
promptly buying random stuff off K-Bay. Usually this is with Blu, Macey or another minion tagged along.
Self Proclaimed Prince of all dreamland, theirs no doubt he's not one for "giving up" when trouble arises.

His backstory still surrounded in mystery, this Puffball is a destructive goofball due to
his shattered mind and amnesia, also he's adorably odd. He's oblivious, obnoxious and ridiculous
He tends to annoy others unintentionally or just for fun. He's one to pick on kredy, hang out
and practice fight Sam, or hang out with flare if he can find her. Well mostly past-wise is unknown,
he shows traits of being a admirable fighter, unprompted thought reader than lost of recollection state,
and big fan of eating fishing rods for no specific reason. He'll easily run into trouble...helping?

Kredy is a Try Hard fake grump and pessimist, this is due to his need to represent his color.
Behind that said mask is a hard working, caring, kind, chillax Kirby. He's dreamland's resident
cook and medic mixture. Commonly he prefers to have a schedule to things, from his tasks to where he is.
he tends to be at his home in Revous resorts shutting out the world, at a selected cooking contest and
also cook convention lead by him. if not he's following his job routine of going to "Nightly Canvas Meadows",
"Whispy woods" and the "new" arena being in it's cafe, medicary or one of many hallways. He's also timid and
now has a hugh crush on violet...even if he won't admit it. He always prone to promptly shout or try to look
angry. His cooking skills and mixture of spices, power essences are combined into a medicine like cake
of multiple flavored, he however has medic skills if that doesn't work. as he's works around the arena he
grown to be pals with keeby, and dislike when said murphy and his antics appear for some reason. dont think
despite this he's one that be willing to lend a helping hand if trouble arises.

Meet Keeby, He's the Manager of the arena. He's very organized and strategic with a OCD like attachment
to lists. his Straight practical mind, keeps the arena functioning. He claims to be so well past his days
as the inferior and chose this lifestyle to be recognized. He's a forgiving person and great forward thinker.
Still as this is "Keeby" his traits are also still stingy, grumpy, sarcastic, demanding and easily gets annoyed to
the Nth Degree when 'present' arena problems happen. However,MJ and him don't get along due to the fact that he
avoids his responsibility as a uncle and caretaker, He has a tendency to avoid any confrontation with "past" and
any "mistakes" and will shut away when kirba is around. While he may run it, it still be able to function fairly
well without him their and if danger appears and his assistance is required. He'll be there to help, it's just in his nature.

Kitsy is quite pessimistic, also very talkative and will speak his opinion on anything regardless of consquences. His
keen eye on small details noticing any small changes comes from been the punching bag of a peer, He's the only "sensible" one
willing to regularly train and be tagged with and against The legend known as Sam. He's more into fighting than exploring, and
has a dislike for the taste of cake. He also has A Severe Traumatic Phobia of butterflies (Lepidopterophobia), going into spastic freak out in near
sight of them, its still unknown why. He's Friends with Kirba seeing her like a sibling and though annoyed at first is willing
to go through with her crazy antics. He also views Keeby as like a father figure and not known to Kitsy he is a son of Keeby
and mira due to magic. One to follow orders and one not willing to stay down. He's one stubborn fella.

Saxeni Maxwell (Sam)
The Arena's Legendary Undefeated powerful fighter and tied in a fight with inter-dimensional being.
She extremely skilled in Parasol along with that ability getting mixed with another like crash.
Sam is Kind, Considerate and Caring but also childish and a massive troll, Absolute cake lover.
She's what started the common phrase "troll" in her world and is described as one often. Saxeni
Samantha Grantiso Maxwell aka Saxeni Maxwell is her full name though she goes by "Sam" more often.
When bored she would mess with facility in the arena unopposed and never crossed. Recently she's
found she lacks motivation as she's held the title for such a long time and evil has yet to oppose her.
She's also quite girly, quite a cringe yet good dancer and extraordinarily patient despite pretending she's not.

Violet is Mute, Her inability to speak has driven her attitude of mechanics, and that of growth. She tends
to try to reach more and more revolutions conceptions this is common for her she used a wish to make the
wisher a Kirby and built a inter-dimension portal and phone. Her Intellect is great and she's a quick thinker
in a hassle, She's Straight to the point about things. Also She was the one who had created the "silent language"
Her boundless unchecked curiosity is known to get her into trouble, which make her easily annoyed. If in any
danger she created a boundless supply of robo-duck. She's extremely A skilled mechanic and house builder as well
as merchant at K-Bay. When she does a job she does it her own personal way and no alternative. A stubborn helpful
Kirby whose consistently looking for alternatives to "talk", she will help in a pinch.

Creatures not on a side but important.
Tendency to be a bit...ODD.


To be introduced Later

To be introduced Later

To be introduced Later


To be introduced Later

To be properly introduced Later

King DeDeDe
To be introduced Later

To be introduced Later

"Puffball Secret Info Gathers"
Dreamlands "Secret" organization, Kirbies who gather info and sell it.
Originally Created by Metaknight, he assigned them to watch kirba activity.

The founding creator, operator and overall leader of the Puffballs Secret Info-brookers (PSI) and pupil to Meta-knight Jr.
She actually knows MJ's and Meta-Knight's Identity though won't reveal it, she was originally given a device by MJ to blend
into the environment and watch Kirba from distance. Being an rather easy goal she found alternative uses that didn't ruin
the objective by using it for stealth and info gathering and formed a group of "spies" around doing that along with the
goal of observing Kirba. They are monetized by Prince's Meta-knight (MJ) & live at Cherry Grove Fields underground with
paths dug to certain locations to easily transverse. Kaaby (or Kaabi as shes also called) is the most athletic of the group
and is often out on the field getting info. She tends to leave tactics behind often and is quite the aggressive type. Though
Don't think she'll easily just give in, she is quite deceptive and deceitful. On the inside she's overall a loyal and caring
Leader who acts sassy and often attempts to motivate the group . She also Hates like the rest of her gang, most of
the TAC Based groups especially CaT who call their tactics as "stupid" and see them as "Play Pretend" Spies.

Kim is the Enforcer of the group and despite being bossed around is actually 2nd in command.
He is Straight to the point, Not vague in the slightest and More a "squisher" than one to ask
the questions. Despite being Obliviously Blunt, he's absurdly good at withholding information
and being deceitful. He also can never get names right and just calls them multiple nicknames around
their color and can be mean-sprited at times, despite that he proities are solely on the joy of squishing.

The Base's Security, He can take things way too seriously, he's the most alert and constructive of the
group always noting intruders and asking the questions. He overworks himself and barely takes a break
if he's not doing a task no matter the oddity of it he grows bored. Theirs not a moment where he's not
putting his time into the group. He's also known to complain when things don't make sense to him or he
dislikes. He still needs one day to take a chill pill and just relax. His color becomes darker due to dirt
and dust though he's working to change that with a not yet introduced external source pal of his. named
"Kaclancia" which is a unique type of Flower.

This is the most absurd example but is considered the "Laziest" Kirby of the group. He tends to avoid
work through absurd methods and sometimes hang with MJ as excuse to not doing much. The group is quite
annoyed by his beheviours. A Lax Puffball he tends to be a questioner and when in mood will pull a
onslaught of never ending talking. It can be excused however and thats thanks to his talents. His common
and uncanny ability is to be found or get to locations absurdly faster than other members is questionable.
He is also the first and only Kirby to learn how to "create" power essences subquentily creating the posion
and doctor statues which was than purchased by Sam & MJ. He is the weapon supplier and fighter of the team.
When bored he does quite reckless things with little to no reason, Despite been called the Laziest Kirby of
the group he is in fact the strongest on the team and also serves as a decent cook too. Don't expect him
to listen often, but when push comes to shove and his pals are've unleashed a hell of a Kirby.

To be introduced Later

To be introduced later

The Minors, Characters typically not so important, but will be around.

This dee is a medic dee/Parasol dee and is uniquely colored blue. He's mostly jokey and fun-loving.
Though he owns a multi-facet but common personality that's easily identifable overall. He hates most
bandanna dees, but grew fond of "". Is also friends with Purplo and gets mistaken as a female. Also
Cowardly but extremely loyal to the prince and actually respects the narcissistic puffball.

" "
A silver colored bandanna Dee, often very quiet.

Common Bronto Bunts
Bronto bunts who are commonly seen.

He's random, often spooked by kirba and is known for his umbrella.

A oblivious mage who asked the stupid questions.
He's typically calm and collect and listens.

The Old Whispy who battled kirby in the old days
Uncle to kirba, he is over 1000 years old
and as long as anyone spit the seed out he lets them have the apples.

She's loyal and sneaky, so what if thats all she does for the prince,
she still likes doing it. Don't ask her to like yelow thou, she hates his guts.

A Young Flare with a innocent nature. this flare tends to forget its made of fire
and plays with yelow sometimes. well known for being neutral.

This dee appeared and had one just be there.

The Cook Dees and jeff
Their job is to cook and that's what they do.
jeff is sam personal cook though he doesn't like it.

The Medic Dees
these dee's job wheither they like it or not is
health care. They were formed after years of chaos in dreamland.

The Leo Family
Flares Family, these leos all act odd
but commonly stick together.

Robobot enemies
After the Robobot incident select few remained.
a lot of them aggressive, tough and mechanized.

a ninja with split personality, he works for kirdee
he likes classical music and rhymes.

The Tac Gangs
TaC: Theifs who crave gold and very sly business.
taC: Merchants who mess with you, also have a anger issue.
CaT: Master of despection and info brooking, tease KDI Often.
caT: Silly, fun loving and all around nice ones.
Tim: You never know What they do...but they do it with style.
These are the tac gangs who seek to be what they are, thou don't mind them.

Of all the rocky's this one just defys it...seen as annoyance.

Poor, Poor Mace knight. Assistant to the prince.
he's quite a talker,not that his opinion would matter.


Coming sometime in the future...

Creatures Stuck living with my insanity, hehehe.

Shady "mirror" kirby
This Shady is one of the first shadow clones produced, escaping into the void.
Ahem, CC, let me take over...big fan of etam, I took over CC little comment box.
Sometimes. I own the quips of Kirby Dream Tales.
So if ya brave enough, send in your character to see me and my pals.

Froakie, this is what i call him off of where he came from,
why he is quiet right now...cant tell ya.

a law infestion in full effect, and intellectual...
he often ponders if other him ponders what he ponders. in all he is murphy law, BEWARE!
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